Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Museums and comics

How do we make a book about history and old artifacts more interesting? We put Disney comics in it of course! That’s what Egmont in Norway did.  In collaboration with two different museums they published books where the first part contains history about and around the objects at the museum, and the second part is Disney comics with the same theme.


The first book is made in collaboration with the Museum of Cultural History, and is about the Vikings. The comics are two of Barks’ longer Donald adventures, The Golden Helmet and Luck of the North. The book is actually available in both Norwegian and English. For anyone interested, the English one is titled Donald Duck in the Wake of the Vikings, ISBN 978-82-429-4853-3

The second book is made together with the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology and is about planes and aero history in Norway. The comic section starts with two airplane stories by Marco Rota, Forced Air-Ace and The Duckburg Air Cup. And then Smoke Writer in the Sky by Carl Barks. Unlike the Viking book, this one is only available in Norwegian as far as I know.

At the very end of the book there’s a fun article comparing all planes found in Carl Barks’ stories with the real-life ones.

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