Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Zootopia Comics Collection

Zootopia Comics Collection from Joe Books

I just got Zootopia Comics Collection from Joe Books in the mail. The book looks like it's kind of a continuation of the Fun Book series that Joe Books did for Frozen, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur (check my previous blogpost about those books). The book is in the same pocket format but has more comic content compared to the other three.

Zootopia comic adaptation of the movie
Comic adaptation of the movie

The book starts with the entire movie adapted to comics.

Zootopia original comic story
Original comic story

We also have five original stories from 4 to 8 pages long.

Short original comic story

And there’s a bunch of 1-2 pagers (about nine I think), drawn in quite a different style than the longer original comics.

And we have two cinestories/cine comics or what they are called. They are scenes from the movie that are made into comic stories by using screencaps from the movie. If you ever wondered how the slow-motion scene with Flash would look adapted to comics, just take a look at image above. Most of the story goes on like that…

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  1. From what I understand, this was poorly marketed and not very well published from the comments I've read on it. I suppose it comes down to great expectations met with slim pickings. Much of the material that is new to this book was previously released in Disney magazines sold internationally. While that might be one positive spot in all this, it doesn't make up for the cheaper printing or the need for those "cinestory" pages. They were certainly desperate.

    I feel Zootopia would've been best serve with its own comic book series, running monthly or bi-monthly, and giving us a chance to flesh out the world of the movie we only see a small fraction of. It's only a shame it didn't happen yet (or at all), since that would've been all the more reason for Disney to print money with this thing, as it stands, the fans have already created their own comics and OC/crossover stories to tide themselves over.