Sunday, March 11, 2018

Blog update

This is just a quick update about this blog. With just 11 posts last year and none so far this year it might seem like I've given up on the blog or lost interest. But that's not the case and I'll try to get back at it again!

There are several reasons for the blog to slow down, but mostly because I was working away from my permanent home for most of last year (and still am). And that means away from my comic collection too. I tried to plan a few blogposts by bringing with me comics for scanning and photographing, but that didn't work out as I thought.

Also one of the reasons I started this blog, and focusing on Disney comics in English, was that IDW started publishing Disney comics with a lot of interesting things to talk about. But Diamond Comic Distributors suddenly stopped distributing IDW's regular Disney comics (not TPB and hardcovers) to Europe last autumn. From October last year and up to when I write this my local comic shop has tried to order every issue of Uncle Scrooge, Showcase, WDC&S, Donald and Mickey, Christmas Parade, DuckTales... but the only one they actually received in this time period was Donald and Mickey #2. The problem is only with Disney comics from IDW, the ones from Joe Books I still get through my local shop. I'm still getting the rest one way or another too, but usually a month or more after release and then I feel it's "old news". So that's another reason for the blog to slow down.

But it's not that there's nothing else to talk about, I have lots of ideas about things! So let's see if I can bring some life to the blog again.
Enough boring updates, here is a random comic page from a British Mickey Mouse Annual that I can't imagine being reprinted anytime soon :)

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