Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A 70's newspaper article about Italian Disney comic production

A couple of years ago when doing some searching in Google's Newspaper archive I found an interesting article in The Tuscaloosa News. It was printed in this newspaper April 11, 1971, but it looks like the article was originally written for The Los Angeles Times. I found it interesting enough to save a copy so I thought I could share it here too.


From The Tuscaloosa News - April 11, 1971 (layout slightly edited for this blog)

If the image is scaled to your screen when clicking on it, try this link to view it in full size for reading.

Reading it now 47 years later it doesn't have too much new or unknown information if you are a Disney comic fan. But being from an American newspaper in early 70's, and about Italian Disney comics, it's still a fun read. Especially interesting is the fact that Romano Scarpa is mentioned in the article. Back then it was not common knowledge who created the stories seen on print.

Zio Paperone e il drakkar volante, the Scarpa story mentioned in the article still hasn't been printed in English.

Another interesting fact is that in the early 70's the Italian Disney comic production didn't require approval from the American office any more, but they still sent over copies of all stories. I wonder what archive they ended up in, and if they still are a useful resource if publishers wants to reprint old Italian stories.


  1. Today, every newly released Italian story is archived and can be reprinted any time by anyone of the international Disney copyright owners.
    Also "Romano Scarpa of Venice" lets him sound like a noble...

  2. Regarding what you say about the image being "scaled to your screen when clicking on it"... you do know you can choose how that works in Blogger's settings, right? At least from what I remember, there's an option between either scaling to the screen or going to the full-size image at its own url.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I'll look into this. I haven't been playing around whth the settings much at all - but I've been planning on doing some page design, make a banner and such since day 1 (and now it's been 3 years...)