Monday, February 24, 2020

Disney comics from Peachtree Playthings (Dollar Tree)

Online ad for new comics at Dollar Tree

Peachtree Playthings recently started publishing Disney comics, and I've checked out some of the first ones. According to their webpage they have a number of retail relationships, but I've only heard of these comics being sold at Dollar Tree in the USA – and that's what the online ads say too.


Peachtree Playthings retail relationships

The comics seems to be released in batches of 4, with the first ones in sale at the very end of last year. Titles include Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Frozen and Disney Princess.

All the #1's from Peachtree Playthings

Two of the #2 issues from Peachtree Playthings
On the back of the comics we have an ad for the next number of the issue in hand and the other available comics from the same batch.

Back cover of Mickey Mouse #1 and #2

Looking at all the covers you would assume they are exact reprints of earlier comics from Marvel, Joe Books and IDW as the cover art, layout and logo are the same as used before.

Comics from IDW and Marvel compared to the Peachtree ones

Comics from Joe Books compared to the Peachtree ones

For the Toy Story comics and the Disney Princess comics that is actually true. They have the exact same comic pages inside as the Marvel and Joe Books issues. The Frozen comic from Peachtree have the same long story, but is missing the shorter story at end if Joe Books' earlier edition. The Mickey comics only have the shorter stories from the same IDW issues, while the rest of the content is made up of other short stories, but still taken from IDW's run of comics.


The contents in the two first Mickey Mouse issues (click to enlarge)

As you can see there's nothing new in any of the Peachtree editions if you already have been collecting American Disney comics the last decade. But I still think it's great that Disney comics are sold at Dollar Tree. And hopefully they are reaching a wider audience making them more popular.


  1. The cover of the Toy Story comics says “new original comic story”, and some of the Mickey-stories have the text “first USA publication/new to the USA” inside. But that’s not true, they just did minimal editing work on these new comics just copying everything from the old ones.

  2. I managed to find these at my local Dollar Tree!
    It's great to see a new post from your blog - it's one of my favorite Disney comic sites!

    1. I'll try to make more posts a bit more regular (I know I've said that before..), there are still interesting things being published and old stuff to talk about. While I was at it, I actually wrote another post that I'll put up today. And I have a few old ones that I started writing but never finished.

  3. Walmart is carrying variants of the first issues with 2 coloring pages and cutout cards on the back cover. Saw them on a hanging cardboard display near arts and crafts, and cost .98.

    1. Thanks for this information! After a bit of searching I found some pictures online, and it looks like the Walmart #1's are the same as the Dollar Tree #2's. They can also be identified by the text "Includes 4 Trading Cards and 2 Coloring Pages!" in a circle on the front cover.